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About Us

4sightmlmmarketing was started to provide MLM distributors a comprehensive overview of the network marketing industry, the traps, the mistakes, and the techniques that have left a long wake of distributors flat out broke and disappointed.

We intend to put marketing back in network marketing and to that goal are providing this information to help anyone who is marketing a legitimate product or a service be able to build a business using proven, effective marketing techniques. We believe that by using technology, the written word, and the telephone as marketing tools to attract customers and business partners, anyone can have a better chance at growing a residual-income business.

We strongly encourage you to devour this information and apply these concepts, techniques into your business. This training is 180-degree different from what the MLM establishment teaches and ask you to maintain an open mind as we present this material to you. We've helped more than 5,000 distributors from 27 countries market a wide variety of products and services be more productive in their businesses, some of them have gone to reach the top of their compensation plans by adding two-digit reps or customers in their business on a weekly bases.

This material is being updated constantly to keep up to pace with the industry, with technology, and with MLM news. Please let us know (by using the contact us link) if we can add anything of value to help you on your way to growing your business.