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Advanced Module

This module takes it a level higher and is intended for the serious distributor who wants to go beyond the basics and build a full-time income from home with his MLM business.

Copy Writing:

  • A 4-step system on how to literally hypnotize your prospects using the written word.
  • How to write killer headlines and the best places where you can get ideas for your next headline, that have been proven to work time and time again.
  • Top 3 psychological styles of writing copy that will literally get into your customers' heads and subconsciously entice them to want to purchase from you.

Lead Generation:

  • How to set up a high conversion lead capture pages.
  • How to build and automate your marketing funnel.
  • How to drive targeted traffic that converts at two digits.
  • Where and how to purchase 10-25 cents leads and how to convert them into revenue for your business.
  • Build your own MLM mailing list to continue to profit even if your prospects don't join you in business or buy your products/services.

Selecting The Right MLM Company:

  • 12-point system you would need to review before you sign up with an MLM company.
  • 1 principle that you must abide by to see momentum in your new business.
  • Where and how to find those business builders to partner with.
  • The top positions that you must fill in your MLM organization for a self sustaining, profitable marketing organization.
Traffic Generation Techniques:
  • 5 free proven traffic generation techniques you can begin implementing right away.
  • Using auto dialers, predictive dialers, what they are and how to use them.
  • Learn the power of incentive-based marketing, why use incentives, where to find them, and how to use them to increase your bottom line.

and much more...

We're going to dive into each of these sections and reveal extremely advanced techniques so you could truly understand the differences and what techniques fit in each unique situation.

When you're done with this module you'll know exactly what to do and exactly how and when to do it.