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Basic Module

This module is your foundation and once you're done with it, you'll know more about how to make network marketing work than most distributors who have taken years to learn via costly trials and errors.

Understanding Network Marketing:

  • Why you are being taught warm market marketing although numerically it doesn't make sense.
  • The 3-reason why you should stop edifying your upline in a 3-way call.
  • Why distributing fliers, business cards, magazines, or tapes is a waste of your resources.
  • Top 3 reasons why using your company-sponsored web site to promote your business doesn't help you.
  • The fundamental paradigm shift from a failure mindset to a wealth mindset that you must understand.
  • Should you market your products/services or should you concentrate on marketing your opportunity?
  • The 2 elements that you must master before you can be compensated.
  • Why you should grow your MLM business as an owner, not as an employee.
  • The single reason why your MLM company has given you the opportunity to profit and how to take full advantage of it.

Prospecting Fundamentals:

  • A detailed discussion about MLM leads, what are the best types of leads to ensure a perpetual residual income and where to get them.
  • How to morph your MLM business from outbound "hunting" to inbound "harvesting".
  • Not everyone is your prospect, learn how to target your audience for maximum results.
  • 5 mechanical must-have elements in your marketing campaign to identify low-hanging fruit for easy "cherry picking".
  • Learn how to send the right message to the right market at the right time.

Closing Fundamentals:

  • How to use a blueprint for closing consumers into your MLM business that gives you an unfair advantage.
  • 2 reasons why your prospects don't buy from you and once you recognize these, you can overcome their objections with laser-focused precision.
  • Commonly misunderstood differences between selling and marketing.
  • 4 psychological components in closing that are proven to generate millions in revenue.

Phone Skills

  • Developing your voice for phone presence is a must-have skill. We will talk about what this mean from a marketing perspective.
  • How to build business relationships over the phone to build a nation-wide MLM organization.
  • The phone system that allows you to build your business from any physical location totally transparent to your customers or reps.
  • A little known secret to mastering a conference room environment.

and much more...

This Basic Module is engineered from the ground up to provide you with the basic skills needed to be successful in network marketing.