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Intermediate Module

What you're getting in this module is the exact business model that has now been perfected over the last 3 years to build a network marketing business starting from scratch, without a warm market, and with a limited budget.

Business Metrics:

  • How to track, what to track, and the importance of tracking your business.
  • Interpreting the numbers and making some sense out of them. If done right can triple your income.
  • Top 7 must-have elements to track in your business to remain factual and avoid emotional hunches or guess-work.
  • 1 best online tool to use to help you automate business metrics that is used by fortune 500 companies and you can use it today...for free.

The Healthy Network Marketer's Mindset:

  • The "lottery" mindset of failure that renders your business to perpetually fail and how to strategically make the shift for the better.
  • Money management. How much of it is yours and how much belongs to the business. Make a mistake here and you will choke your business out of existence.
  • Growing as a network marketing professional, how to stay current and develop your skills.
  • Failures, how to overcome them and turn them into your successes.

Top MLM Habits To Develop For Home-Based Success:

  • The importance of drafting your business schedule.
  • The owner and the employee mindset to build a home-based business.
  • Developing realistic expectations with your family to foster "home harmony" that provides a fertile ground for business growth.
Business Tools
  • How to pick low cost reliable hosting companies for your website.
  • How to build a professionally looking website having zero web design knowledge.
  • Where is the best place to register your domain names, what important settings you should not overlook.
  • What is a good domain name and why. A resource that will help you select the proper domain name for your business.
  • Free audio recording resource for training, marketing, and exposing your products to the masses.

and much more...

What you'll discover in this module will put you light-years ahead of your network marketing piers you can literally double your income just using a couple of the strategies revealed here.

All our modules are delivered in a specific and very well thought-out manner. Every element of this course has been put together very strategically to build a full training environment that delivers results in a step-by-step method.